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Treasure Hunt – Schaumburg, IL

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Treasure Hunt Schaumburg - Fine Resale Furniture

Wow, this place is a resale furniture shopper’s paradise. When you first walk in you immediately get the sense that this place is gonna be a different experience than just about any other resale store you’ve been in. Gorgeous used furniture instantly catch your eye. I notice what appears to be a chesterfield sofa in burgundy leather. On further inspection I see that it’s manufactured by Baker Furniture, and is in remarkable condition. These are as rare as rattlesnake nipples. I settle myself down into the sofa and can instantly sense the quality of the materials by the shear comfort of this wonderful piece. This store has without a doubt, the nicest used furniture that I’ve ever seen. As I move further in to the massive showroom I begin to notice more and more amazing furniture. I can’t imagine where the buyer gets all of this merchandise. They have a blog of their own on the website where the buyer discusses briefly where some of his finds are coming in from. This blog even gives the reader a bit of an advantage in as much as you get to hear about what’s coming in on the trucks days before it reaches the showroom.

All I can say about Treasure Hunt is to give it a look. It’s nearly 10,000 sq. ft. of resale furniture bliss. The place is located in Schaumburg at 1230 N. Roselle Rd., Schaumburg, IL 60195.

Give them a call, the salespeople are very friendly and helpful.

If you go there once, you’re gonna go back.


platos closet kansas city mo 150x150 Local ShopsPlato’s Closet – Schaumburg, IL and other Locations

Plato’s Closet is a resale store for adolescent and young adult clothing.  I know, we’re supposed to review furniture resale, but what can I say, I like this place.  It’s a wonderful environment for shopping in. The associates or salespeople are very nice and super helpful. The store is very well laid out as far as clothes being categorized by size, style and clothing type. I’ve been in a couple of the Chicagoland stores and they’re all run the same. They’re very clean and well organized. The clothes for sale on the racks are remarkably well cared for, often times I notice the items may still have the original tags on the from the store they were purchased at new, indicating that the piece had never even been worn. The prices are fantastic, with every piece being a better value than the last. The clothes for sale on the racks at Plato’s Closet are almost always current styles or trends. I really don’t know how they do it. Having a few daughters ourselves, you could imagine our need to save a buck when we can, but heaven help us if the girls don’t have current trends or designer threads. Plato’s Closet has always been a perfect fit.

As far as Plato’s Closet buying your kids used clothes, their standards are pretty high. You’ll walk in with a bundle of clothes and typically walk out with some money but still have some of your clothes as they’d been rejected. Happens all the time, and I’m glad it does. That’s how they keep such fine merchandise on their shelves.

They’ve got locations all over the Chicagoland area and nation wide for that matter. Plato’s CLoset is easy to fine and well worth the effort.

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Fine Used Furniture

Arlington Resale, Arlington Hts., IL 

So here’s a consignment shop that I’m sure you’ll all enjoy visiting. I spend a lot of time in this store at least a couple times a week. They specialize in furniture consignment shop and furniture resale. Meaning that they receive calls and emails from local residents that are either moving or simply have tired of their furniture and rather than donate it they have Arlington Resale come out and give them an estimate of how much their furniture will bring in the resale market. After an agreement is reached between the consignor and the buyer, Arlington Resale sends out their crew of pick up and delivery workers to take what ever has been designated to be sold. The workers are very skilled and careful when it comes to both the furniture and the walls, floors and doorways of the location the furniture is being picked up from. I’ve seen these guys at work. Fast and efficient and they couldn’t be more polite. I was very impressed.

Arlington Resale gets at least two truckloads per week of new merchandise. Which means for the consumer, they have a lot of variety. The bad thing about that though for the consumer is that stuff sells there pretty quickly. So if you see something there, better get it right then. You can certainly take the chance of walking out and returning to see if you can get a better price, but my suggestion is if it’s something that you really like, you better get it. To be honest most things there are a darn good deal as marked. What I’ve found though is that if an item has been there for a while, the salespeople there are willing to mark it down 10% or so.

Arlington Resale does offer delivery by the same well trained workers that pick up. The cost of delivery of course varies based on distance to travel and elevation (stairs). They do offer an option to save you money on delivery by doing a curb or garage delivery. Garage delivery is as much as 50% less in cost. Getting it there is usually the most difficult part anyway. Then just have the kids bring it in when they get home from school.

Arlington Resale has a very nice website displaying a good portion of their inventory, but there ain’t no way all the merchandise inside that store is posted. Seems they keep up on the inventory photos pretty quickly, but I can certainly understand the difficulty in posting every item. After all, they tell me the place is over 5000 square feet.

Arlington Resale is located at 120 E. Golf Rd., Arlington Hts., IL 60005. They can be reached by phone at 847-378-8467 and of course by email at arlingtonresale@me.com . The website is nicely designed and very easy to use http://www.ahreale.com

You really owe it to yourself to give this pace a try.

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